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Green Campus Award 2022
SVIS Campus is certified as Green Campus and certified with the ??GCP Green Campus in GOLD Category at the national level.
We were awarded the national level Third and Delhi level First Prize in Green School Programme of Centre for Science and Environment in 2012
Congratulations to all the members of the SVIS community!
We recognise and appreciate the school management led by the Chairman Mr Sailander Solanki in getting the building and campus eco friendly with measures like Water Harvesting System, Solar Panels and efficient use of panels, Sewage Treatment Plant, Power Factor plus the whole staff for the green school endeavours that we began from 2012 under GSP and various projects of ISA British Council and DoE.
Teachers who finalised the report on Feb 28, 2022 with the help of their students. Ms Vineet Tomer HM Middle Wing kept on motivating them and getting suggestions taken from principal Ms Nita Arora incorporated. Mr Sanjeev Chauhan AO helped too.
1 Air Audit - Ms Sandhya Sharma and Ms Mamta Bhardwaj
2 Water Audit- Ms Annu Sharma and Ms Garima Srivastava
3 Waste Audit- Ms Deepali Pillewar and Ms Aprajita Sangwan
4 Biodiversity Audit - Ms Vennika Gupta and Ms Shweta Kathuria
5 Energy Audit - Ms Monika Sharma and Ms Richa Joshi
6 Climate Change Audit - Ms Chetna Singh and Ms Shilpy Rattan
Congratulations to SVIS family
Let us continue to adopt sustainable practices to conserve the planet Earth and save its Climate.
Keep up the green spirit!
    • Green Campus Award 2022


    India International Conclave 2022

    Kudos to Mr Sailander Solanki, Chairman SVIS as he received the Honour of being a leading educationist at the India International Conclave 2022 on Saturday, April 16, 2022


      International Conclave of Sky Global US

      School Principal Mrs Nita Arora as a Panelist in India International Conclave of Sky Global US on Saturday, April 16, 2022

        • International Conclave of Sky Global US
        • International Conclave of Sky Global US
        • International Conclave of Sky Global US


        International Science Olympiad Toppers -2021-22

        Our International Science Olympiad toppers from Grade IX and XI


          The Child Prodigy Award 2022
          Meet Krishnaansh Gahlot, student of Class VIII A, age 12 years, awarded Child Prodigy 2022 for being amongst the top 100 Prodigies of the World.
          He has won almost all the Equestrian Championships held in the last two years to bag this title.
          He has also won Silver Medal at Delhi Horse Show held at Army Polo Club on April 9, 2022. He secured second place among 129 riders.
          We heartily congratulate Krishnaansh and his parents.
            • The Child Prodigy Award 2022
            • The Child Prodigy Award 2022
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