Session (2021-22)

From the Principal’s Desk
We congratulate the students of SVIS who actively participated and won in the student-led photography event *'Ensnaring Feelings'*
*Winners of Junior category:*
1. Avishi Jain
2. Yashieta Yadav
3. Arshia Mishra and Anushka Srivastava (Tie)
4. Vivyana Sinha (The Most Creative Capture)
*Winners of Senior Category:*
1. Devyansh Aggarwal and Navya Singh (Tie)
2. Dishita Dogra, Jasnoor Kaur Grewal and Risika Singh (Tie)
3. Kriti Pathak
4. Adivya Mishra, Saguna Rishi and Swasti Rohliyan (The Most Creative Capture)

at National Level EARTH DAY EVENT held online by 'IGNITED MINDZ.

We congratulate her, her teacher Ms Barnali Bannerjee and her parents.
Watch the prize winning entry and adopt whichever idea appeals to you.

SVIS Wins the Corona (Carmelian Trophy) of the Mount Carmel School, Dwarka
Four Times Winner
Three Times First Runners Up
Two Times Second Runners Up

National level best speaker in MAHABEHES 20-21 is a Class IX student from SVIS

A huge shout out to Kyra Nanda from LIONS division, who became the BEST SPEAKER at the NATIONAL MAHABEHES 2020-21,
outclassing many seasoned finalist speakers from Class IX- XII from all over India.
Other SVIS awardees-
Gurnika Dhillon: 6th best speaker
Tarannum Sehdeva: 10th best speaker
Diya Kapoor: 35th best speaker
Award for the Best Team name was also bagged by Sri VIS
Congratulations dear students, parents and mentors!

SVIS team finds immense delight to share Shivanshi Bansal of class XI-C secured first position in the event 'Vanmitravali at Trishna Summit, 2021.
organized by N.K.Bagrodia Public School. Vanmitravali aimed at using waste materials innovatively to decorate a cozy corner in the balcony of your home.
Along her journey, she was constantly mentored by Ms Renu Taneja.
SVIS wishes her many more such laurels in her journey ahead.

Results of Greentivity, a series of events organized by SAAFSAANS,SVIS, the Environment Club

at Sri Venkateshwar International school. It was a non-live contest which stretched for almost a week. The theme for the event was: Environmental Degradation.
Winners: Krishti Khandelwal (junior category)
Jyotin Thakur (senior category)
Special Mentions- Nishchay Sharma, Prabhnoor Dua, Ananya Gupta
Winner: Garv Sharma
Special Mentions
Pihu Arora, Gurnika Dhillon, Pratyush Sharma
Winner: Shyam Sundar Khanna
Special Mentions- Dishika Yadav, Bhavy Malik, Anvi Malhotra
Winners: Tiana Chopra (junior category)
Shivika Tandon (senior category)
Special Mentions: Shaina Bhatia, Anushka Garg, Yashita Gupta
Winners: Ayaan Sachdeva(junior category)
Era Gupta (senior category)
Winners: Jiya Khanna and Uddeshya Agarwal
Special Mentions: Angel Bansal, Sankalp Mahanta, Naman Kaushik
Congratulations to all the participants and achievers.
The team was mentored by Ms. Renu Taneja and Ms. Shagoofa Nigar. Their efforts are highly appreciated.
Join your hands for the team that brought the Corona (Carmelian Trophy) home again in 2021. Fourth time indeed!
Proud of you all as the marks for each event went in the winning score.
1) Vivid Dreams - Second Position - Smera Tiwary, Class III
Mentored by Ms Akanksha Dogra and parents
2) Melody on Strings- Second Position- Sanskriti Luthra, Class VI E, Mentored by Mr Abhishek and parents
3) Radio Jockey - Second Position- Nandini Sethi , Class VIII A, Mentored by Ms Preeti Thakran and parents
4) World of Ebullience- Third Position- Ahana Singh , Class VII A, Mentored by Ms Sandhya, Ms Madhvi and parents
5) Cognizance- Amia Gigoo XII E, Mentored by Ms Harvinder and parents
Congratulations dear students, mentors and parents!
Spectrum 2021
Astitv Bandoni - V Mulberries (First Position)
Astitv, his parents and the math teacher Ms Ramneek are congratulated profusely.??????
Aadya Mathur 8 E (Third Position)
Aadya Mathur, her parents and the math teachers - Ms Priyanka Ranjan and Ms Dimple are congratulated heartily. ??
Polaroid 2:0 Event at Tagore International School, East of Kailash saw SVIS students mark their entry
Raghav Bindal IX B First in Logo Designing
Vidisha Yadav XI E and Daksh Gupta XI A in Short Film Making - Special Mention
Mentor- Ms Barnali Banerjee
Congratulations dear students, parents and mentors at school

Heartiest Congratulations to Team SVIS!
Another 'Rolling Trophy of the session
Ripples-2021 hosted by MBS International School, Dwarka
First in the event - 'The Art Connection'
Saanvi Sehrawat of Class IX
Congratulations dear Saanvi and her mentor - Ms.Shikha Sehrawat
Second in the event - 'Recycling Happiness'
Amaira Manchanda of Pre School
Proud of baby Amaira and her parents and teacher Ms Tripta Sharma
Third in the event - 'Power of Prayers'
Dev Dhaka of Pre Primary
Proud of dear Dev, parents and teacher Ms Shweta Khanna
Third in the event - 'Passion Fiesta'
Sairah Arora - II
Congratulations dear Sairah, parents and mentor at school Ms Deepa
Third in the event - 'Danspirations'
Stuti Mittal - VII
Congratulations dear Stuti, parents and the dance Guru Mr Bhupender Gangani
Consolation prize winner in the Event -Act-o-Mania
Ayana Suri - V
Congratulations dear Ayana, parents and the mentors at school Ms Gagandeep Kaur and Ms Shilpy
Consolation prize winner in the Event - The Puppeteer's Tale, Aryaman Kaushik - VI
Congratulations dear Ayana, parents and the mentors at school Ms Mamta and Ms Chetna Singh
We really appreciate the role of Principal, HMs, Ms Monika Toor - Activity Incharge and Ms Rajni Kaushik for providing support to Team SVIS

Result of Euphony @ Indian Heights School
We heartily congratulate all the winners and their mentors
II Position
1)Event Sur Sangam- Swastik Bhardwaj, Class VIII, Mentored by Mr Abhishek and parents
III Position
2)Event Freedom -A- Flashback-
Madhavv Diwan, Class VII, Mentored by Ms Shweta Kathuria and parents
3) Event Logo Design- Sharon Gulati, Class XA, Mentored by Ms Kiranbala and parents
Consolation Positions
4)Event Hindustani Zayka-
Pavaya Arora, Class III Blueberries, Mentored by Ms Anita Bisht and parents
5) Event Puppetry Bilingual-
Rishvie , Class III Strawberries, Mentored by Ms Akanksha Dogra and Ms Anamika
6) Event Hastkala-
Era Gupta, Class IX, Mentored by Ms Shikha and parents
Gratitude towards all mentors for their efforts

Heartiest congratulations to Gurseerat Kaur of Class VII for bagging First Position in the event Global Connector  at Sampravah Interschool Fest hosted by LPS, P.D. Vihar.
Appreciate the role of event incharge Ms Mamta Bharadwaj and her parents for the wonderful mentoring. ????

The glorious result of ' A Sankalan of witpicks'- the Annual Interschool Festival at Kalka Public School
Ist Position
1)Arnav Vashisht, VII E, Samvad Vaachan
Mentored by Ms Preeti Thakran and Parents
2) Ayaan Sachdeva, VIII B , Vedic Maths
Mentored by Ms Priyanka Ranjan and Parents
3) Swastik Bhardwaj, VIII-E , Shlok Gayan
Mentored by Ms Rashmi Kaushik and Parents
IInd Position
4)Geet Sharma, X E, Kavita ke Pankhon par
Mentored by Ms Jyoti Vats and Parents
5) Garv Sharma (XI G) & Devansh Agarwal ( XI B) , Unlocking AI 
Mentored by Ms Kiranbala and parents
6)Adwaya Shah, VII E, Random Acts of Green
Mentored by Ms Deepali Pillewar
Appreciation rewards
7) Venya Kashyap( VI E) & Nevan Jain( VI E) , Mobile Game Illustrations
Mentored by Ms Nidhi Joshi and parents
8) Daksh Gupta, XI, Technovanza Rendit 
Mentored by Ms Barnali and parents
Heartiest congratulations to all the winners and their mentors

Result of' Fantasia- 2021' Adarsh Public school,Bali Nagar

Position - Second 
1.Varenyam Batra Class 1, Redeeming Wildlife
Mentored by Ms.Anita Puri ,Ms. Manisha Bajaj and parents
2.Arnav Vashisht Class VII ,Speak Up Prodigies 
Mentored by Ms. Garima Srivastava
 and Parents

Position - Third

3.Varenyam Sharma Class -PS ,Organic Manta
Mentored by Ms.Tripta Sharma and parents

4.Nakshatra Wadhwa Class VII
Diya Kapoor Class VII
Venayak Singh  class-VII
,Case Study Presentation 
Mentored by Ms.Richa Joshi and Parents

Position - Consolation
Aadya Jha class PP ,Ek Kahani Kathputli ki Zubani 
Mentored by Ms Kiran Yadav and parents
Congratulations to all the winners and their mentors .

Let us applaud the performance of the young German learners, who exhibited their superb talents and
language acquisition skills in an online competition organised by D.A.V School Pitampura.
Aadvik Goel (Class 4)
Event name - "Dress like a season" 1st position
Shrinkhla (Class 6)
Event name - "Classical Germany" 2nd position
Congratulations to the winners

Heartiest Congratulations Team Svis
Result of Tarana-2021 
Vishwa Bharati Public School ,Dwarka 

Position - First Runners Up
1.Event- Dramatic Monologue
Participant- Swetansh Sainath 
Class XI
Mentors :Ms Monika Toor,Ms Nisha Das and Parents

Position -Second Runners Up

2.Event - ???khilahat 
Participant -Kabir Dhankar 
Class Pre Primary
Mentors - Ms Surbhi Gambhir and Parents

3.Event - Twist A Tale
Participant- Pransi Roy
Class -III
Mentors -Ms.Priya Khanna,Ms.Anita Bisht and Parents

Heartiest congratulations Team SVIS 
Rolling Trophy - Synergia -2021

Hosted by Vandana International Sr.Sec School,Dwarka.Total 60 schools participated .
We won 2 first positions ,3 second positions ,1 third position and 1 consolation prize.

First Position

1.Event- Let Actions Speak
Participants - Smera Tiwary and Sanvika Biswas 
Class III
Mentors - Ms.Anita Bisht and Parents

2.Event- Ecomovie

Participants - 1.Arnav Vashisht 2. Naitik Gupta 3.Madhavv Diwan 
Class -VII
Mentors Ms. Nidhi Joshi and Parents

First Runners Up

3. Event-Ambient Attire

Participant- Saira Arora
Class 1
Mentors - Ms. Manisha Bajaj and Parents

4. Be a story teller

Participants -Tisya Bhardwaj and Tashveen Kaur
Class II
Mentors Ms. Deepa and Parents

5.Talking Titans

Participants- Prabhnoor Kaur Dua, Khushi Chellani,Arnav Awasthi,Yugam Puri,Sreejana Purkayastha
Class XI
Mentors - Ms. Aankoo Mehta ,Ms. Jagjeet Kaur and Parents

Second Runners Up

6. Event-Shoe Decor

Participant- Ananya Mittal 
Class -IX 
Mentors - Ms.Soniya and Parents


7. Event-Trusted Toys
 Participant- Siddhesh Behuray
 Mentors -Ms.Leena Saluja and Parents
Congratulations to all the students and their mentors.

Let us applaud the winners of the 'RAINBOW 2021' hosted by M. R. Vivekananda Model School, Dwarka
First Runner Up
1. Event- Ad Clad
Pihu Gautam of Class VI
Mentors- Ms Preeti Thakran, Ms Chetna Singh and Parents
First Runner Up
2. Event- Sapno ki Duniya
Aadya Mathur of Class VIII
Mentors- Ms Jyoti Vats and parents
First Runner Up
3. Event Paper 'O' Art
Era Gupta of Class IX
Mentors - Ms Ushma Kapoor and Parents
Second Runner Up
4. Event- Shake Down
Anushka Srivastava of Class VII
Mentors- Mr Bhupender Gangani and Parents
Second Runner Up
5.Event- Science 'o' Mania
Aryaahi Mandan of Class IV
Mentors - Ms Aanchal Khanna and Parents
Congratulations Team SVIS!??
Special Thanks to our school leaders, Ms Toor, Ms Ushma and Ms Rajni for support ??
More reasons to celebrate and rejoice??
Heartiest Congratulations Team SVIS for winning yet another Rolling Trophy in the session??
At the 'SYNERGIA 2021' hosted by Vandana International Sr. Sec School, Dwarka, SVIS students made a big mark!
First Position
1. Event- Let Actions Speak
Smera Tiwary and Sanvika Biswas of Class III
Mentors - Ms Anita Bisht and Parents
First Position
2. Event- Ecomovie
Arnav Vashisht, Naitik Gupta, Madhavv Diwan of Class VII
Mentors - Ms Nidhi Joshi and Parents
First Runner Up
3. Event-Ambient Attire
Saira Arora of Class 1
Mentors - Ms Manisha Bajaj and Parents
First Runners Up
4. Be a story teller
Tisya Bhardwaj and Tashveen Kaur of Class II
Mentors - Ms Deepa and Parents
First Runners Up
5. Talking Titans
Prabhnoor Kaur Dua, Khushi Chellani, Arnav Awasthi, Yugam Puri, Sreejana Purkayastha of Class XI
Mentors - Ms. Aankoo Mehta, Ms. Jagjeet Kaur and Parents
Second Runners Up
6. Event-Shoe Decor
Ananya Mittal of Class IX
Mentors - Ms Soniya and Parents
7. Event-Trusted Toys
Siddhesh Behuray of Class V
Mentors -Ms.Leena Saluja and Parents
Congratulations to all the students and their mentors??
Special Thanks to our school leaders, Ms Monika Toor & Ms Rajni Kaushik
Heartiest Congratulations Team SVIS!
Enjoy an amazing array of prizes won by our stalwarts in the event 'ARCADIA 2021' hosted by the Paramount International School, Dwarka
1.Event- Chief Cap
Riham Bajaj of PP
Mentors- Ms Suchitra Seth and Parents
2. Event- Trash To Runway
Sashley Gupta of Class - III
Mentors- Ms Meenakshi Kanwar and Parents
First Runner Up
3. Event - My Book, My Life
Sayyida Himayah Hasan of PS
Mentors - Ms Tripta Sharma and Parents
First Runner Up
4. Event- Exploring North East
Aditya Handa of Class VIII
Mentors- Ms Shweta Kathuria and Parents
Second Runner Up
5.Event - Salt and Papper
Bhavya Bharti Vats of Class X
Mentors - Ms Jaya Bhargav, Ms Kiran and Parents
We would like to acknowledge the support and guidance of our school leaders, Ms Monika Toor and Ms Gurmeet Kaur??

SVIS marks its presence in the Inter-School Annual Series of Competitions 'AAVARTAN 2021' hosted by Lilawati Vidya Mandir, Shakti Nagar
Heartiest Congratulations to all connected irrespective of the results!
1. Event - Ad 'O' Drama
Navyansh Kathuria of Pre Primary
Mentors - Ms.Surbhi and Parents
2. Event - Tima Lapse
Manas Kapur of Class XI
Mentors- Ms Shobha and Parents
First Runner Up
3. Event - Twist The Tale
Devisha Malhotra of Class -VII
Mentors - Ms Sandhya and Parents
First Runner Up
4. Event- Bhakti Bouquet
Shreya Tetarway of Class - XII
Mentors - Mr Abhishek Sharma and Parents
Special thanks to school leaders and the Activity Incharge for this activity Ms Monika Toor. Ms Rajni for uploading the entries is appreciated too.
Mr Toor Experiential Learning Teacher helped too for Pre Primary events
Our Swimming Champs in 56th Delhi State Open Aquatic Championship 2021 made their Alma Mater proud
Simran Zutshi
Saniya Zutshi
Dhruv Bajaj
Heartiest congratulations dear students, and all mentors!
Simran Zutshi
Silver Medals:
1500 mts free style
800mts Free Style
400 mts Free Style
4*100 mts Medley Relay
Saniya Zutshi
Silver Medals
1500 mts Free Style
800 mts Free Style
400 mts Free Style
Bronze in 200 mts Backstroke
They are seleted for the nationals to be held in Bengaluru from 19-23 October, 2021
SDG FEST 2021 at Ahlcon International School, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi saw SVIS students make a mark.
We highly appreciate all the participants and their mentors and congratulate the winners
Event - My SDG Story - How I brought a change?
Lavanya Hazari Class VIII
Position -First
Mentor -Ms Mamta Bharadwaj & parents
Event -Fotografia
Position - Second
Name of the Participant- Gurnika Dhillon
Mentor- Ms Barnali Bannerjee & parents
Event - Recycle for a life Cycle
Name -Ayrah Tittal
Class -PP
Position -Third
Mentor- Sanjam Vashisht & parents
Event-Protect the planet
Position - Consolation
Name of the participant- Advika Saluja
Mentor - Mr. Abhishek Sharma & parents

Congratulations Team SVIS for winning the Rolling Trophy/ and the Best School Certification at
Pulse 2021 Bal Bharti Public School, Sir Ganga Ram Marg, New Delhi

Second Position
Event - Taal Tarang
Daiwik Kumar (7D) and Aviral Dhoundiyal (10B)
Mentor - Mr. Abhishek and Parents
Event - Manas
Lavanya Hazari and Tanisha Prasad Khambete
Mentor- Ms. Rashmi Kaushik, Ms. Poonam and Parents
Event - Warli Tales
Niyati Gupta (IV Blackberries)
Mentor - Ms. Sonia Singroha and Parents
Event - Bhaavachitra
Madhavv Diwan (7E)
Mentor - Ms. Nidhi Joshi and Parents
Third Position
Event - Tappe Baithak
Rishika Jajodia
(3 Strawberries)
Mentor - Mr. Abhishek and Parents
9th ASN Yamuna Wealth All India Inter- School Cultural & Literary National Online Fest 2021
saw SVIS proving it's mettle by securing 7 positions
First Positions
Event- Sustainable Verses (Category ??
Ananya Matta (XII)
Mentor - Ms. Rashi Magotra & parents
Event- Prakriti Vandana
Swastik Bhardwaj and Dhairya Sharma (VIII E)
Mentor - Ms. Rashmi Kaushik & parents
Second Positions
Event- Make in India
Lavanya Hazari and Anushka Shrivastava - VIII
Mentor - Ms. Monika Sharma & parents
Event - Youth Summit (Best research paper)
Janvi Ahluwalia and Yuvraj Rai Garg (XI E)
Mentor - Ms. Jagjeet Kaur & parents
Third Positions
Event - Tunes of Sustainability
Sheryl Sharma (IV strawberries)
Mentor - Ms. Yogita Misra
& parents
Event- Champion of Clean air
Pratyush Arora
Mentor - Ms. Manisha Bajaj, Ms. Kajal Khanna & parents
Event - Save the drop
Avni Nagpal (Pre - Primary Mulberries)
Mentors - Ms. Sakshi Panwar, Ms. Surbhi Gambhir & parents
Columban Fest 2021 of St Columba's School
Sri Venkateshwar International School
First Runners Up for the Best School Trophy
Two Overall Winner Teams
1. Event Name- Castadio
(Sports Commentary)
Manas Kapur XI E & Sreejana Purkayastha XI E
Event Incharge: Jaya Bhargava
2. Event Name - Cosmettalic
(Robotics, App Development and Model making)
Shriansh Bahuguna XI & Yajur Sharma XII
Teacher Incharges : Vineeta Bagga & Kiran Bala
Congratulations dear students, mentors, parents and all others, who were associated - Ms Ushma, Ms Nisha, Ms Anuja, Ms Gurmeet and parents
Our young achievers of Pre School and Pre Primary participated enthusiastically in “ Surge-
Online Inter School Competition organised by N.K.Bagrodia Global School- Sector 17, Dwarka.
Children proved their mettle by securing positions in the following events.
We are thankful to the parents and the mentors for their wholehearted support.
Event - 1( Pre School)
Name of the event- L'IL Hands on Creation
Position- Third
Student’s Name- Erleen Kaur
Class- Pre-School Mulberries
Teacher incharge- Ms. Srishti Sharma
Event- 1( Pre-Primary)
Position- Third
Name of the event-Exemplary Puppeteer
Student’s Name- Hansika Kalonia
Class- Pre - Primary Blackberries
Teacher incharge -
Ms. Kajal Khanna
Rajagiri Public School, Cochin organised an Inter- School online event and our students Stood First in Meraki where a self composed poem was translated into colours
Imagination & Creativity of two different types came together as one
Poetess: Gurnika Dhillon X A
Translator in colours using the Adobe Photoshop CS : Aditya Sachdeva X B
Mentors: Ms Barnali Bannerjee, Ms Kamna and parents

SVIS wins the Best School Award a record second time in 2021 at All India level event of Bal Bharati Public School, Sir Gangaram, Marg New Delhi
At the October 2021 event FOOD SALVIO of Bal Bharati Public School, Sir Gangaram Marg, SVIS won one First and three Second Runners Up positions.
We highly appreciate the role of all participants and all mentors
Vidisha Yadav, Sreejana Purkayastha, Manas Kapur of XI
Mentors: Ms Aankoo, Ms Nisha Das
Madhur Saigal & Yugam Puri XI
Mentor: Dr Shilpi Pal
Aryaman Narula X
Mentors: Ms Nandita Kapoor & Ms Shikha Sehrawat
Ishika Jain IX
Mentors: Ms Aprajita & Ms Ushma
Ishika Jain IX
Mentors: Ms Aprajita & Ms Ushma
IT support
Ms Gurmeet
Ms Kiran Bala Sharma
Ms Barnali Bannerjee
Activity Incharge: Ms Ushma Bathla Kapoor


Yazaa Sehrawat SVIS on the victory podium with Director of Education Mr Himanshu Gupta,
Regional Director Mr Arvind Kumar, DDE Mr Satpal Singh, SPE Ms Roshni Gulati and other key officials of Zone 21, Directorate of Education
Best Athlete of Zone 21
Under -17 Girls 100m, 200m, 400m champion 2021-22

Zonal Athlete Meet 2021 after the pandemic
Attended by the Director of Education
Best athlete of the Zone
Junior Girls :
Yazaa Sehrawat
Time - 26.04 Seconds for 200 metres just now
She won 100 and 400 metres races yesterday with wide margins.
Yashita Jain of Class VIII secured a Consolation Prize in an Art Competition (Free Expression)
organized by Prabha Khaitan Foundation- MUSKAAN.

Heartiest congratulations to dear Yashita, her parents and mentor at school Ms Inderpreet Kaur.

Divisha Arora of Class 6 D participated in 28th Junior Category Chess Tournament
organised by Arius Learning in association with Chess for All on platform Lichess and secured 10th position.
We heartily congratulate Dear Divisha and her parents.

We heartily congratulate Lakshay Dahiya of Class 7, his parents and mentors for securing 1st position in Role Play at Maxfest 2021,
at Inter-School Maxfest organised by Maxfort School, Dwarka.


Our young achievers of Pre School participated enthusiastically in “ Prayas- Online Inter School Competition
organised by N.K.Bagrodia Public School, Sector-4, Dwarka.
Children proved themselves by securing positions in the following events.
We are thankful to the parents and the mentors for their wholehearted support.
Event - 1( Pre School)
Name of the event-
Position- Third
Student’s Name- Jiyaansh
Class- Pre-School Mulberries
Teacher incharge-
Ms. Kiran Yadav
Event- 2( Pre-School)
Position- Third
Name of the event-Dance-Ma-Teez
Student’s Name- Yakshi Yadav
Class- Pre - School Raspberries
Teacher incharge -
Ms. Manisha Saxena

"A winner never stops trying"

Amber Arora of Grade - I Strawberries participatd in the event Giggle Gala - An inter-school the organized by Modern School, Kundli.
She secured second position in the category 'I am a Narrator'.
We appreciate the efforts of the child and parents.
SVIS feels proud to announce the 59th National Roller Skating Champions Bhavya Bajaj and Bhavit Bajaj of Class 7A.
Bhavya Bajaj won Gold Medal in 1000m Rink Race and Silver Medals in 5000m Elimination Rink Race and 3000m Road Race.
Bhavit Bajaj won Bronze Medal in 3000m Road Race.
We heartily congratulate our Champs, their parents and coach.
Kudos to SVIS National Design Competition Champ Inan Kundu of Class VII!
He proved himself to be an achiever by participating in 3D Design Competition 2021 organised by MINDBOX. He secured First position at Regional level and has secured the Second position at National level.
He received a certificate of Achievement and a Trophy of Design Championship 2021 at National level from North- East.
Heartiest congratulations!

SVIS rejoices with the VVM Result 2021-22
11 District Ranks ( 5 in Junior Group and 6 in Senior Group)
9 out of these 11 selected for State Camp out of 123.
Heartiest congratulations to all the Rankers, Parents and Mentors.

We congratulate Jaivik Mohan Sharma of Class V Blackberries who won Bronze medal at the 32nd ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation)
Delhi State Championships in the “10 years to 13 years - Male” category.
The competition was held at Laxman Public School, New Delhi on Sunday Dec 26, 2021.
SVIS feels extremely proud and heartily congratulates Deeyash Singh of Class 7B for being selected among top 170 from the State of Delhi ( second time consecutively )
for the prestigious Inspire Manak Award. He has won a cash award of Rs 10,000/-
Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research ( INSPIRE) scheme is one of the flagship programmes of Department of Science &Technology ( DST), Government of India.
The INSPIRE Awards - MANAK ( Million Minds Agumenting National Aspirations and Knowledge) is organised each year for the students from classes 6 to 10.
As they say - Sky is the limit. It's truly the case with Deeyash Singh.

SVIS rejoices with the outstanding performance of its students at the
First Stage of the LogIQids Mental Aptitude Olympiad for the academic year 2021-22
Heartiest Congratulations to all the International, State and School Rank holders.

We congratulate the winner of Inter - Zonal Sanskrit Poem Recitation Competition Swastik Bhardwaj for bagging
the First Position in the category Junior Boys.
We appreciate the role of the student, parents and mentors.
Sri Venkateswarites prove their Mettle at Zonals!
Congratulations to the Winners of Hindi Debate and Hindi Poem Recitation Competition.
We appreciate the hard work of our students and efforts of parents and mentors.
Event - Senior Boys Hindi Debate
Position - First
Participants -
1. Neer Bakshi Class - XI
2. Shubham Jha Class XI
Event - Senior Girls Hindi Debate
Position - First
Participants -
1. Paavni kaur Class XII
2. Vidisha Yadav Class XI
Event - Hindi Poem Recitation
Position - Second
Participant - Gurseerat Kaur
Category - Junior Boys Hindi Debate
Position - Third
1. Utkarsh Kumar Class VIII
2. Dhairya Sharma Class VII
We are very proud of our Theatre Team for winning the Zonal Events successively
Event - Drama Competition
Position - First
1. Khushi Chellani XI
2. Arnav Awasthi XI
3. Bhavy Malik XI
4. Kartikeya Johar X
5 . Jiya Khanna X
6. Oditi Gupta XII
7. Aaryan Agarwal XII
8. Garv Lalwani XII
9. Uddeshya Agarwal X
10. Bhavya Bharti Vats X
11. Sreejana XI
12. Vritti Saravanan XI
13. Naman Kaushik IX
14. Prisha Rastogi VIII
15. Granth Lalwani VI
16. Uday Dhingra VIII
Mr Pratiush Toor and Ms Monika Toor
Congratulations dear children, parents and Gurus at school
SVIS congratulates the winners of Zonal Dance Event
Position- Second
They now move to District level and hopefully be the best there.
Vriti Gujral X
Roshni Choudhury XI
Rajul Aafaria X
Aditi Mitra XI
Tanima Lal XII
Gaurika Adlakha X
Ananya Kohli XII
Yashita X
Tvisha Jain XI
Gracy Katyal XI
Utkarsha Panda X
Reyona Kaul XI
Mentor - Mr Bhupender Gangani
We appreciate the role of parents and all other musicians
Rajul Aafaria, a dedicated Kathak dancer has made herself, her Guru at school Mr Bhupender Gangani and parents
proud by winning the First Runner Up position at the Zonal level.
We wish her the very best for the District level

Solo Classical Music (Jr Boys)

First Position 

Swastik Bhardwaj (VIII)

We congratulate Naunidh Bhola and Aryaman Kaushik for their achievement at the Collage Making Zonal Event

Collage Making Jr Boys - Third Position

We also place on record our appreciation for their mentors at school and home

Kudos to the young stalwarts of SVIS for showcasing exceptional performance at Zonals!

We congratulate the participants for bagging First Position in Hindi Declamation Sr. Boys , First Position in Punjabi Poem Recitation Competition Sr. Girls and Third Position in English Declamation Sr. Boys.

We acknowledge and appreciate the role of our students, parents and mentors.

We are proud of SVIS Instrumentalists
At Zonals, among more than 100 schools, they got the following positions
Sanskriti Luthra VI
First in Sitar( Swar Instrument)
Uday Dhingra VIII
Third in Tabla ( Percussion - Jr))
Shyam Sunder Khanna
Third in Tabla ( Percussion - Sr)
Congratulations dear students, Music Department, their other mentors and parents
Boys Under 19 Overall Team Championship
Under 14 Overall Runners up for Team Championship
Under 19 Boys
1. Naman Bagai got Gold Medal in speed 30 second event,
2. Harsh Jindal
got Gold Medal in speed hop 30 second event
Sub Junior Boys got gold medals in Speed Relay event
1. Sudarsh Saini
2. Purhaan Sehrawat
3. Arnav Anand
4. Aryaman Kaushik
Junior Girls got Bronze Medals in Speed Relay event
1. Gracy Katyal
2. Swasti Rohliyan
3. Hemakshi Kanwar
4. Shivika Tandon
Congratulations dear champs, their coach Mr Devesh and parents
Football is like life. It requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice and dedication.
Our young Sri Venkateswarites have shown all the above at Sub Junior Football Tournament and bagged the First Runners- up position at the Zonal Competitions.
Congratulations dear students, mentor Mr Vikarm and parents!
SVIS marks its strong presence at the Zonal Yoga Competitions 2021-22!
SVIS Dwarka celebrates the success of its yoga champs Kayna Dhingra - Class XI, Lavanya Hazare - Class VIII and Ahana Singh - Class V in Individual, Rhythmic Yoga and Artistic Yoga.
We also acknowledge and appreciate the hard work, perseverance of the winners, Ms Poonam Saini and other mentors and of our dear parents.

Its time to rejoice and celebrate!
Result of District Level Competitions of the Directorate of Education 2021-22
The super - talented kids of Sri Venkateshwar International School won 14 positions - 6 First, 6 Second and Two Third, the only school in the District South West 'B' to secure 13 positions.
The First Position holders will represent District South West B at the Delhi State Level.
Positions - FIRST( Six)
1. Instrumental Classical Music (Sitar)
Sanskriti Luthra VI
Mentor - Mr Abhishek Sharma
2. Hindi Poem Recitation (Junior Girls)
Gurseert Kaur VII
Mentor - Ms Preeti Thakran
3. English Debate (Junior Boys)
Aryaman Kaushik VI
Mayank Mahajan VIII
Mentor Ms Pavneet Kaur
4. Classical Vocal Music (Junior Boys)
Swastik Bhardwaj VIII
Mentor- Mr Abhishek Sharma
5. Folk Song ( Senior Boys)
1. Aryan Bhardwaj XI
2. Eshaan Jain XII
3. Neer Bakshi XI
4. Praneel Jain XI
5. Hrehaan J. Zafar X
6. Akshat Chandola XI
7. Dhruv Juyal XI
8. Yashjeet Sangwan XI
Mentors- Mr Abhishek Sharma and Music department
6. Drama (One Act Play)
1. Khushi Chellani XI
2. Arnav Awasthi XI
3. Bhavy Malik XI
4. Kartikeya Johar X
5 . Jiya Khanna X
6. Oditi Gupta XII
7. Aaryan Agarwal XII
8. Garv Lalwani XII
9. Uddeshya Agarwal X
10. Bhavya Bharti Vats X
11. Sreejana Purkayastha XI
12. Vritti Saravanan XI
13. Naman Kaushik IX
14. Prisha Rastogi VIII
15. Granth Lalwani VI
16. Uday Dhingra VIII
Mentors- Mr Pratiush Toor & Ms Monika Toor
Positions - SECOND ( Six)
7. English Poem Recitation (Junior Boys)
Name - Utkarsh Chharia VII
Mentor -Ms Mamta Bharadwaj
8. Sanskrit Poem Recitation (Junior Boys)
Swastik Bhardwaj VIII
Mentor Ms Rashmi Kaushik
9. Punjabi Poem Recitation (Senior Girls)
Gurnika Dhillon X
Mentors -Ms Monika Toor and Ms Chetna Singh
10. Hindi Debate (Senior Boys)
1. Neer Bakshi XI
2. Shubham Jha IX
Mentor - Ms Jyoti Vats
11. Hindi Debate (Senior Girls)
1. Paavni kaur XII
2. Vidisha Yadav XI
Mentor -Ms Jyoti Vats
12. Folk Dance (Senior Girls)
Vriti Gujral XI
Roshni Choudhury XI
Rajul Aafaria X
Aditi Mitra XI
Tanima Lal XII
Gaurika Adlakha X
Ananya Kohli XII
Yashita X
Tvisha Jain XI
Gracy Katyal XI
Utkarsha Panda X
Reyona Kaul XI
.Mentor - Mr Bhupender Gangani
Position - THIRD (Two)
13. Classical Solo Dance
Rajul Aafaria X
Mentor - Mr. Bhupender Gangani

14. Hindi Declamation
Rudra Bhardwaj VII
Congratulations once again team SVIS, Head Wings, Activity In charges Ms Toor, Ms Ushma, Ms Nisha and Art and Admin staff for their timely support!

SVIS IT team outstanding inning at the 'IT Fest - Velocity 2022' of K R Manglam World School, Vikaspuri
Our students enthusiastically displayed their technical and experiential learning skills on photo editing, scratch, audio editing , programming, audio - video editing and quizzes making their mentors and parents proud.
Heartiest congratulations dear students, parents and their mentors - Ms Nidhi Dhall Joshi, Ms Barnali Bannerjee, Ms Madhvi Sahni, Ms Vineeta Bagga and our music maestro Mr Abhishek Sharma!

It is a matter of great pride to have our students emerge as the BEST TEAM at the prestigious e summit of Choithram School, Indore, Madhya Pradesh in the Battle of Brands competition.
Our team:
Manas Kapur ( XI E )
Vidisha Yadav ( XI E )
Aadiya kurupp ( XI E )
Yugam Puri ( XI C )
Ms. Aankoo Mehta (Mentor) is also heartily congratulated
SVIS makes a mark at the Directorate of Education State Level Instrumental ( Swar) event through Sanskriti Luthra of class VI.
She plays the sitar with amazing dedication vand perfection at this young age.
Congratulations dear Sanskriti, her parents and mentors

Put your hands together for DIYA KAPOOR & SANIYA ZUTSHI
WINNER OF 'BRAND IT' event in Shutterfest' 2022 of Air Force Bal Bharati Public School, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
1. Amazon Gift Card for Each Member of Team
2. GeeksforGeeks Python Programming Course worth Rs.1499 for each member of the team.
3. Merit Certificates




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