Unique features & facilities

Unique features and special facilities at Sri VIS

A school that empowers students and faculty to be co – creators of knowledge while working together in an environment of trust, co-operation & collaboration.

A well-designed & structured curriculum for integrated, project-based learning.

  • 3D Designmate Labs (for I-XII)- For demystifying Science & Math & Augmented Virtual Reality supporting pedagogy
  • Smart classes (for all classes) with software developed by students, faculty, designmate &  educomp
  • Nayi Disha (for Pre-School & Pre-Primary) - Multimedia gaming for Learning &   Recreation 
  • Helen O’ Grady Theatre, Speech & Personality Development Programme for Classes (for I – V) A programme to enhance listening and communication skills and to stimulate creativity amongst students
  • First in Math (for I - VIII) - Online Maths Curriculum Support for energizing every child to learn, love and live math       
  • Thinkin Kids (for I-VI)- A special programme for personality development based on critical thinking skills.
  • Phyzok Blended Classroom(for V-X) - For Flipped Learning of Maths & Science
  • Eureka Discover Ed- Hands on Science for (for VII – VIII) - Two Science specialists help in conducting classroom science experiments in groups of four students and critically evaluate the experimental design & outcomes
  • Space & Astronomy Club (for I – VI) - For making students explore & learn about Space in classrooms & Camps
  • Cybernetica, Coding, Gaming & Robotics Clubs for seamless merging of technological advancements in curriculum
  • Yoga, Swimming, Basketball
  • Football, Skating, Cricket
  • Volleyball, Rope Skipping, Tennis, Chess
  • Athletics, Badminton, Korfball, Baseball
  • Specially developed Taekwondo facility with South Korean Equipment & Commonwealth Games repute coach
  • Rock Climbing for developing an International Sport
  • Sports Guru: A special sports and fitness programme for kindergarten students?
  • MILKHA SUREfit: for enhancing physical fitness & stamina for I-VIII students

Developing Aesthetics

  • Art: Painting, Calligraphy, Wood Carving, Clay moulding, Sculpture, Quilling Fabric Painting, Tie & Die, Batic, etc.
  • Music: Instrumental & Vocal
  • Dance: Classical, Folk, Contemporary & Western
  • Theatre: Regular Folk theatre, Contemporary Theatre, Ballets, Street Plays, Mime, Story Dramatization, Theatre in Education


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