Achievements in Olympiads

JSTSE Organised by Directorate of Education  
Simarpreet Singh Saluja,  Shaurya Shukla,  Himanshu Rajput  -  Selections  at Delhi State Level  

International Olympiad of General Knowledge 2014     Name Class State Rank Rank Olympiad Rank
Devansh Aggarwal Class IV International Rank 1 1
Ivaan Gulati Class I State Rank 3 53

Hargun Singh

also in IOEL 

Class V

State Rank

State Rank (IOEL)





International Olympiad of Science 2014 Moyna Malhotra, Neil Rana Class I State Rank 3 50
Shrey Arora Class VI State Rank 2 44
Harsh Rajpurt Class VII State Rank 6 104
Simarpreet Singh  Class IX State Rank 8 119
Pratyush Sinha Class VIII State Rank 2 8
Shreyansh Solanki Class IV State Rank 5 19
Aryan Saluja Class VII State Rank 9 153
Aditi Garg Class X State Rank 12 179
Pratham Naval Class XII State Rank 13 76

International Olympiad of English Language 2014

Shravi Jain Class V State Rank 1 4
Aryan Kaushal Class IV State Rank 2 11
Eesha Gupta Class V State Rank 5 16
Riya Jaggi Class VII State Rank 2 7
Mardav Jain Class XII State Rank 2 16
Dhairyash Dixit Class II State Rank 1 3
Shubham Jha Class II State Rank 2 14
Shrayash Prasad Class VII State Rank 8 38
Siddharth Pruthi Class XII State Rank 4 102
Nakul Gupta Class XII State Rank 8 142
Yajur Mohan Sharma Class V State Rank 7 31
International Olympiad of Mathematics Anshika Garg Class II State Rank 1 1
Simarpreet Singh Class IX State Rank 1 10
Siddharth Narayan Class VII State Rank 7 66
Vishu Gupta Class XII State Rank 9 45
International Olympiad of Informatics Anshika Mittal Class I State Rank 1 4
Anmol Mittal Class V State Rank 4 41
Kushagra Jain Class VII State Rank 3 13
Himanshu Rajput Class  IX State Rank 3 82
NSTSE Anshika Garg Class  II State Rank 4
Shreyansh Solanki Class  IV State Rank 7
Esha Gupta Class  V State Rank 10


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