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Thinking is an important mental process. It helps us to define, organize and create meaningful words. Thinking is an art that helps in painting our thoughts on the canvas of life.
The students of Class 3 participated in the"Think and Ink Activity" which provided them a platform to express their wonderful thoughts.
The topics were shared and their critical thinking was put to test which they passed with flying colours.
Let's have a look.
    Music is the symphony of atoms which beats in our hearts to the tune of life. The synchronising beats in each track keep us alive and encourage us to live each day with a smile. Music delivers so many emotions in unique ways that it would be impossible for us to ignore the little taps of our feet to shedding a few tears here and there.
    To express this feeling of joy, students of class I participated in their class assembly to share this joy of fun and happiness with you all by singing , dancing and playing instruments.
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      "All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that’s an alibi for my ignorance. ~ Will Rogers "