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Adolescent Peer Educator Leadership Program in Life Skills, Holistic Health & Wellbeing

    School Principal was part of Pedagogical Leadership Training Team that trained School Principals across India from all category of CBSE affiliated schools- Government, Aided and Unaided, Private on behalf of CBSE- Delhi and Chennai regions from October 2021- March 2022
    We place on record our deep appreciation and convey a sense of gratitude to her for contributing towards lifting the standards of school education in the country.
      SVIS is proud to have its another mentor HM Middle Wing Mrs Vineet Tomer as a member of First trained CBE or Competency Based Educational Pedagogy by British Council, Cambridge University and CBSE
      She guided a number of school educators across the nation in CBE Pedagogy.
      You definitely are a mentor par excellence, Mrs Vineet Tomer!

        Badminton Champs, Sr Boys of Zone 21 of the Directorate of Education from SVIS

          • Badminton Champs, Sr Boys of Zone 21 of the Directorate of Education from SVIS
          • Badminton Champs, Sr Boys of Zone 21 of the Directorate of Education from SVIS
          SVIS Taekwondo Champ strikes Gold again!
          Dushyant Lakra wins another Gold Medal at Ujjain.
          A back to back Gold after winning at Dubai, in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh for Delhi.
          SVIS appreciates the hardwork and efforts of Dushyant Lakra, his Coach Mr Ajay Dalal and parents
            • SVIS Taekwondo Champ strikes Gold again!
            We heartily congratulate our Child Prodigy Krishti Khandelwal of Class 8 for winning the prestigious Serena Memorial Panorama Prodigy Award 2022.
            The Prestigious award is instituted by the Writers Capital Foundation, dedicated to the best entries during the Panorama International Literature Festival held from 1-30 January, 2022.
            The awards are instituted in 4 categories – Panorama Golden Award for the Best Presentation, Panorama Literary Award for the Best 15 Entries, Panorama International Youth Award for 10 writers from the Youth Category, Special Jury Award for 10 writers and Panorama International Prodigy Award for the best in Children’s Category.
            The Jury confessed to have a tough time selecting the awardees this year as “There were more than four hundred participants from across the world where most of the works exhibited superior quality with reference to the theme ‘Shoonya: The Celestial Void’.
            We congratulate and appreciate the role of Parents and Mentors of Krishti.
              Rijul Bhat has made his parents and almamater proud by qualifying both International Physics and Chemistry Olympiad qualifier Level 2. He will be invited to be part of selection process to represent India at International level.
              Proud of him!
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                SVIS recognised for its STEAM PROGRAMME by CSIR, NISTADS - National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies of the Government of India conferred
                RITVIK GUPTA of Class X
                Ritvik was the NATIONAL TOPPER of Class 8 in 2020.
                OM KUMAR received the honour of DISTRICT TOPPER at Class VI level
                Results have been declared now
                School Coordinator Ms Vineet Tomer was also recognised for nurturing talent.
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