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At SVIS, we raise environmentally responsible global citizens..

Global Tiger Day, often called The International Tiger Day, is an annual celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation, held annually on 29 July. 
To promote this cause, our little SVIS kids of Class 1 Mulberries conducted a special assembly on 'Save Tigers' and shared important facts about the tigers and their pivotal role in balancing and maintaining the ecosystem. They expressed how these magnificent creatures will be on the verge of extinction if we don't join our hands to save them. With a spectacular play and dance showcasing the pitiful life of a tiger, the students encouraged their fellow friends to raise awareness about conserving the wild life.

    To instill the spirit of oneness in our students, "Slogan Writing Activity" was conducted in Class 3.

    The students creatively wrote different messages on the following topics :
    Save Girl Child
    Education for all
    World Peace and 
    Save Earth.

      The ‘Art of Writing ‘ is the most miraculous of all things man has devised.
      English Calligraphy Activity for Class II was held on July 23,2019. Students participated enthusiastically and showed excellent creativity through their writing skills exhibiting different forms of calligraphy .

        Jal Shakti Abhiyaan – School Students and Eco Club Day

        Water is one of those natural resources without which, we can’t even imagine about the existence of human beings and life on our planet. Water is our primary need and for other living beings. It’s not only important that we save water, at the same time we should promote the cause of saving water.

        Sri Venkateshwar School, Dwarka organised a myriad of activities between July 15, 2019 to July 22, 2019 for the students of classes 9 to 12 to mobilize the students in awareness creation and community education activities in the field of water conversation areas.

        School Rally

        Students of Classes 9 & 10 organised a rally to generate an awareness drive to sensitize the student community on water conservation. A presentation with a working model was explained in various classes to create an understanding of rain water harvesting and water shed management. Emphasis was put on implementing action plans taken by various communities at different places to accomplish their water conservation goals.

        Students also took a pledge to save every drop of water in every way possible in their daily life.

        Essay Writing

        An Inter-class Essay Writing Competition was organised for the students of Class XII. The topic for the essay was ‘Make India Water Positive.’ 
        Around 30 students of Class XII came out with creative ideas to reflect their concern regarding the pertinent need to conserve water. The activity provided the students with an opportunity to express their gratitude to mother Earth and save its sacred heritage for the future generations.

        Inter-House Debate

        Liberal Arts department of Sri Venkateshwar International School organised an Inter House Debate under the programme of Jan Shakti Abhiyaan on 17th July 2019 in school premises.

        Topics of debate were:-

        1. Privatisation of water supply will allow easing the water scarcity issue in India.

        2. National water grid for India is a boon.

        Two students from each house participated in the debate. The event was full of enthusiasm and new vision towards water conservation strategies. The students got the opportunity to reflect their views on problem of water pollution and conservation and other environmental issues due to its severity and negative consequences on the mankind and planet in general. Students also voiced their opinion about the different ways to prevent water pollution and preserve it by means of judicious use of water resources as well as the intervention of special technologies. All in all, the event successfully propagated the message that water conservation is an important mission for the global community to deal with to keep the planet safe for living.

          Kitchen activity is truly a lot of fun for our mini chefs.These activities surely bring a smile on their face and provide them a wonderful learning opportunity. Pre-Primers today made mouthwatering Bhelpuri for their kitchen activity. They combined bhel with chopped tomatoes, potatoes, onions and cucumber as well as peppy chaat masala and tangy chutney to make it a flavoursome treat. Kids were excited to bite into this tempting treat which was soft , crispy and chewy too..
            “Life depends on water, the reservoir depends on you.” 
            Sri Venkateshwar International School has a long standing tradition of preservation of environment as an imperative part of its Community Outreach Programme. In order to sensitise students towards the need to conserve water and to preserve our environment and ecology, a tree plantation drive was organised in the school on Monday, 15 July 2019 during which saplings were planted in the nearby community park which has been adopted by the school. In our hunger to own Persian rugs we have forgotten to appreciate the carpet of spongy grass. These young crusaders proved to nurture the link between man and nature by planting trees. 
            As per the directions given by DoE regarding the Jan Shakti Abhiyaan, 60 Class Prefects of classes 6-12 along with the School Head Boy and Head Girl enthusiastically participated in the drive and planted around 60-65 saplings. The Middle Wing Co-ordinator Ms Vineet Tomer, the Primary Wing Headmistress Ms Premlata and teachers were also present on the occasion and they planted numerous trees which are elemental to the ecology of the area.
              Class 12A Group Activity - Posters Parse
              Students were taught about the elements of poster-making and were given the criterion to evaluate posters, on the basis of which they were asked to analyse the posters given to them within their group and talk about their observations/findings to the rest of the class. The deductive method helped the students enhance their poster-making skills and also critical thinking and oratory skills as well as confidence levels.

                In collaboration with CMS Vatavaran, Sri Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka organised plethora of activities on ‘Celebrating Himalayas’ for the young learners of classes 6 to 8 on July 18, 2019. The main objective of this initiative was to sensitise them towards the environment and its hazards. The students participated in Quiz, Slogan Writing and Art Competition with great zeal and fervour. They showcased their love towards Art by making wonderful paintings of Himalayas which was shown as the ‘Crown of India’. They also depicted in their art as to how global warming has become a great threat to glaciers and the great Himalayas in the current situation. 
                It was indeed a great learning experience for the young crusaders who are the future rulers.

                It’s aptly said by Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan,
                ‘Education should be imparted with a view to the type of society that we wish to build.’

                  An assembly on the theme ‘Honesty Is the Best Policy’’ was conducted by the students of grade III on Friday, July 19, 2019. 
                  The assembly began with the prayer followed by the thought for the day, International, National, Sports, Weather news, and a short skit followed by a song. The skit explained the importance of honesty. 
                  The students understood that speaking the truth may at times put us through hardships, but ultimately only good things will result from it. To stand up for the truth requires a great deal of courage and an honest person is always treated with respect.
                  The assembly turned out to be very informative. The students of grade III exhibited immense confidence and inspired all to be honest. 
                  As it is said, ‘Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom’ and if you are honest you will never have to concoct stories to cover up the lies. The assembly gave a complete essence to be positive,courageous and honest at all times.
                    A general assembly by class II Strawberries was conducted on July 18,2019 for classes I and II respectively.
                    The students enriched the entire gathering with the most vital information required with the onset of Monsoons i.e.the vector borne diseases - their prevention & cure.
                    The school principal Ms.Nita Arora spoke vividly to the students about maintaining and conserving our environment. She began with her concern about the depleting water level in Delhi city, the ways with which water can be saved and she also stressed upon how SVIS is a nature friendly school, already harvesting rainwater. 
                    Students and teachers were also encouraged to adopt and implement ways for 100 percent non use of plastic. The assembly commenced with the students promising ma'am that they would plant more and more trees. 
                    The bright winners of various events were also appreciated and rewarded during the assembly.
                        Sri VIS conducted the final round of India Spelling Bee on July 15, 2019. Four students from classes I - X participated in this round. It was an online test where the students were tested on the basis of their comprehending skills and spellings. Reaching to the final round was not a piece of cake for these students. They toiled hard and had cleared many levels at school and state level. 
                        Wishing all the best to our Spelling Wizards!

                          Family - the link from our past to bridge our future...

                          Pre-School learners had a wonderful time sharing their family tree with their peer group .Children brought flash cards ,epic family tree,pictures and took immense pride in discussing their family members .This interaction helped them to understand the concept of nuclear and joint family too.
                          The aim of the activity was to develop a sense of belonging and strengthen their bonding with the family.

                          In a family ,like the branches of a tree , we might grow in different directions but the values of empathy , respect , honesty we learn act as roots which keep us bound together as one unit.

                            The students of class IV Strawberries made an attempt to create awareness about the hazards of single use plastic in the class assembly held on July 12, 2019.
                            The viewers enjoyed the presentation and promised to make changes in their lifestyle to reduce their carbon footprints. The HM, Ms. Premlata Chaudhary, also reinforced the formula of 4Rs i.e. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in the students.
                            The school principal, Ms. Nita Arora, addressed the children and reinforced in them the habit of healthy eating.

                              'Radiant faces,beaming smiles,
                              Spreading happiness all the while,
                              Back to school with dreamy eyes,
                              Growing, evolving and getting wise.'

                              Sri VIS - Middle Wing , conducted a special assembly on July 8,2019 to welcome the students back after the summer break and to honour the prefects of the session 2019-20. These newly elected prefects were also handed over the badges with the added responsibility of maintaining the discipline and other duties entrusted on them , by Mr Anuj Manchanda - HM, Ms Vineet Tomer - Coordinator (Middle Wing) and Mr Sanjeev Chauhan - Administrative Officer. In his speech , the HM motivated the students to fulfil their duties with earnestness and encouraged children to chase their dreams.The campus was resonating with cheerful laughter of happy children, all set to blossom and bloom.

                                “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

                                Debate is one of the academic activities that allows us to consider the world around us by thinking about different arguments, engaging with opposing views and speaking strategically. Sri VIS has set a benchmark in conducting these activities in such a way that students not only enjoy but also learn a great deal from it. 
                                One such activity was the Inter-House Debate Competition for the students of Class 8 , which motivated the students to express their views with wit and confidence. 
                                The teams got 45 minutes to prepare and put forth their arguments and they used various skills like overstatement, definition, rhetoric, irony etc. to convince the audience.
                                The participants exhibited great oratory skills. They enjoyed the hard work needed for presenting their arguments before the audience. 
                                The adjudication for the event was done by :
                                Ms Vineet Tomer - Middle Wing Coordinator , 
                                Ms Vineeta - Senior Wing Coordinator and 
                                Ms Neeru Dhamija - HOD(English). 
                                The Guest of Honour and School Principal, Ms Nita Arora , addressed the students and appreciated the audience, the teams of debaters and the organising mentors.
                                The result of the competition is as follows:
                                First position:
                                Sincerity House-
                                1) Avik Choudhary-8A
                                2) Arshiya Thakur-8D

                                Second Position:
                                Integrity House-
                                1)Hrehaan Zafar- 8C
                                2) Parisha Chauhan- 8D

                                Third Position(shared by two houses)
                                Strength House-
                                1) Jiya Khanna- 8D
                                2) Shaurya Tyagi- 8E
                                Value House-
                                1) Snehal Gupta- 8C
                                2) Angad Singh Mago- 8D

                                Top Speakers:
                                1) Hrehaan Zafar and Avik Choudhary
                                2) Jiya Khanna
                                3) Arshiya Thakur
                                4) Angad Singh Mago

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                                  "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ~ Aristotle "