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SVIS celebrated Korean Language Hobby classes closing ceremony in collaboration with KCCI, New Delhi.
We feel proud to announce that the first mixed batch of grades IX, X and XI have successfully completed their Korean Language Hobby classes.
Our Co-Learner, co- creator and the school head Ms. Nita Arora, the KCCI Education Officer Ms. Mira Kwak and the Korean language teacher -incharge Ms. Lee YoungSuk felicitated children with certificates and books. On this occasion, our students showcased their understanding and learning of South Korean language, culture and performing arts through competing and mesmerising performances.

Our Polyglots:

1. Rashni Chaudhary IX E
2. Ananya Singh Lamba XB
3. Lavanya Sethi XC
4. Ananya Arora XD
5. Tushar Dhiman X B
6. Yajur Mohan Sharma X B
7. Tanima Lal XA
8. Pulkit Khosla X D
9. Lavanya Puri XI C
10. Ashwarya Jha XI C
11. Trisha Kumar XI D
12. Kriti Agrawal XI C
13. Aashia Chanana XI C
14.Hardik Grover XI C
15. Dia Thapa X D
16.Ponung Pathania IX E
17. Arunima Banerjee X A
18. Shilpi Sethi XI F
19. Ananya Kohli XA

    Painting Happiness with Shibori: The pleasant autumn breeze saw vibrant cloth pieces dyed in bright colours , fluttering on the sun basked terrace of Sri VIS.
    The Fashion Studies & Applied Art Students of Grades XI and XII had the wonderful opportunity of getting hands on experience at Shibori ( Japanese tie n dye)and Block Printing respectively. We are thankful to the expert faculty from ITM Design School , Mumbai, Ms Seema and Ms Baani , for visiting our institution and introducing our students to these wonderful Art forms.
    Earlier in the day, students also had an interactive session with Dr Arvind Kumar, faculty, Lovely Professional University, Punjab, on ' Personal branding' wherein they understood the importance of promoting/ branding themselves suitably and using Social media cautiously in their daily routine.
    By organising such events, we yet again prove our mettle at being leaders in bringing transformations, innovation & creativity to the teaching, learning process.
      A new day and a new way of learning brought lot of excitement in the curious minds of our little learners from Pre-School and Pre-Primary.Wonder veggies world came alive when the kids saw the vegetable vendor helping them to learn about these veggies.It was a delight to see our little kids expressing themselves so freely and discussing various things associated with the importance of having healthy vegetables.The young and curious mind felt more empowered after seeing classroom learning coming alive.
        An educational trip to National Skill Development Corporation was undertaken by aspiring students of Fashion Studies, where they were exposed to a variety of Industrial machines and nuances of the trade. The students were given an insight into all the meticulous operations that go behind creating the scintillating glamour of Fashion world ! Mr Vipul Wahal, Centre Head, Centre of Excellence, NSDC, took up an interactive session with students where he encouraged them to expand their horizons and look beyond the conventional carrier of Designer while simultaneously discussing a wide range of unconventional yet vastly sought professionals by the Industry like Packaging designers, Fashion Communicators, Forecasters etc. It was overall a very interesting and informative trip!

          Mould and Create

          As the name rightly suggests, Grade 1 students thoroughly enjoyed the creative and colourful activity of twisting and moulding the given clay and accessorising their tiny creations: while simultaneously enhancing their fine motor skills, creative thinking abilities and expression. They depicted different food items like vegetables, fruits, pizza, burger, etc

            Class VI committed to cleanliness campaign

            Armed with gloves, Akshath Gupta and Aditya Kumar Tondak of VI A showed exemplary lead in motivating their classmates in cleaning the Community Park after practising martial arts under Project Shakti of Edusports - integrated Sports Programme

            Apart from plastic waste, they also picked up cigarette, bidi butts left by smokers in a public place. We appeal to smokers to give up smoking as it causes a number of serious health issues.

              Dussehra Craft’
              To let our children experience the beautiful festive spirit of Dussehra - a puppet making activity was planned for the Pre -School and Pre -Primary kids. Children made stick puppets of ‘Ravana’ using colourful paper cutouts.With this activity children took great pride in the upkeep of their traditions
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