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Success comes to those who don't limit their challenges but challenge their limits.'
The achievers of the International Science Olympiad have worked hard, kept their eyes on the stars and their feet on the ground . They have shown that Science is a way of life, a perspective which has empowered them.
We are proud of their achievements.
Rise and shine!
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    STEM Education at SVIS
    SVIS is adjudged at 5th place in Asia by Clash of Pi, winning the PIONEER SCIENCE AWARDS
    We are very proud of our STEM Team who have worked tirelessly to inspire students.
    OUR students and parents deserve accolades for the single minded pursuit of excellence using design thinking.
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      'Success is where education and opportunity meet.'
      The IOEL Toppers have shown that excellence is the habit of practice. Hard work coupled with determination to win has brought success to the worthy students who have won laurels in the International English Olympiad.
      Congratulations to the 42 Toppers at International level!
      Repeat the feat and may more join your group!
        Applaud for our National Gold Medalist Martial Arts Player and his Mentor
        Dushyant Lakra - Class 7 B and Mr Ajay Dalal
        Event: Mahakal Taekwondo Cup
        Organized by MP Taekwondo Association at Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh from 26-28 February 2021
        Dushyant is making it possible to also take his exams simultaneously. Congratulations champ and proud parents!
          Meet our young champion Master Kuval Anand from Class IV, who is the current National Spelling Bee Champion. He received his medals and a laptop from his mentor Ms Mamta Bhardwaj and School Principal
          Congratulations young prodigy, proud parents and all mentors at school
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