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NEET 2020 - 100% students qualified
1. Ayush Jain scored 671, Rank 1100
2. Aditya Thakur scored 628, Rank 9220
3. Ananya Chakraborty scored 584 Rank 28324
4. Shreya Verma scored 499
5. Niharika 470
6. Anushka Pandey scored 450
7. Himanshi Sogarwal scored 420
8. Aastha Jain scored 372
9. Priya Sharma scored 366
10. Janit Puri scored 301
11. Devanshi Sharma scored 297; rank 33577 Category EWS (She also cleared JEE Mains)
    Krishti khandelwal of class 6 D once again made her parents and school proud.
    Krishti's poem is a part of a
    Book "The EXCEPTIONAL" The stream of emotions.
    The poem name is "The Pandemic"
    The Pandemic
    No one can believe it,
    No one thought about it,
    Many people follow the rules to protect themselves,
    But some don't care about it by a bit.
    The danger of this brutal pandemic,
    Only some people can understand,
    How it spreads like wildfire,
    How deadly and horrifying this is for our species and land.
    You won't get any symptoms,
    But you can easily risk the life of someone or two,
    You won't believe the way multiplication works,
    For example you could see how one bat eating normal person could do.
    Just sit there for a moment,
    Think that there were kids who lived independently with out there parents with a worse disease outbreak,
    They saved us, me and you .
    And saved us from the chaose they have create.
    By Krishti Khandelwal
    'The Exceptional, A stream of emotions' is a collection of 108 finest poems by 60 new poets all around world. A must-read for lovers of the English language and a wonderful gift for poetry aficionados. It will continue to bloom in the reader's mind long after the last page has been turned. It encourages you to recognize the true value of your love, to reevaluate your standards and to make the decision that you will no longer settle for anything less than someone who loves you, respects you, and truly makes you happy.
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      We congratulate the IIT aspirants, their mentors and parents of the Batch of 2020 for keeping the momentum going and securing good ranks in spite of Covid Time uncertainties.
      Find their All India Ranks AIR and bless them.
      Some of our JEE Main success stories have opted to go in other colleges in India and abroad.
      1. Shrayash Prasad XII A - 99.98 AIR 314
      2. Akshat Pratap Singh XII A - 99.58 AIR 786
      3. Harshul Gupta XII A - 99.8384759 AIR 822
      4. Abhiyansh Raj XII A - 99.7, AIR 1584
      5. Tushar Srivastava XII E - 99.8225395 AIR 2244
      6. Chukkala Dinesh XII E - 99.6407003 AIR 2554
      7. Kushagra Jain XII E - 98.7308075 AIR 3586
      8. Tanishq Arora XII E - 99.0376077 AIR 5160
      9. Akshat Thakur XII A - 98.6 AIR 7979
      10. Aryan Saluja XII E - 97.5482137 AIR 9395
      11. Hardik Arora XII E - 98.7561245 AIR 11,384
      12. Daksh Laur XII A - 97.90 AIR 14615
      13. Mahit Govil XII A 98.3 AIR 19,100
      14. Vivek Ranjan XII E - 99.2437209 AIR 22,000+
      15. Rohit Kumar XII E - 94.7021468 AIR 26,500
      16. Pranjal Singla XII A 98.77 AIR 28,000
      17. Deeptanshu XII E - 98.6506407 AIR 28,000
      18. Bipasha Kaul XII E - 94.366
      Would join Manipal Inst. of Technology
      CS Engg JEE AIR 29818
      18. Aaheli Paul XII E - 97.8608075 Main
      20. Aryan B Ghosh XII E - 96.3 Main
      21. Ananya Navneet Chouhan XII E - 92.7 Main
      22. Kanishk Goel 95 Did not write Advanced
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