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Students of Class I Raspberries held an assembly on present scenario of air around us. It dwelt on a time-lapse between the 1970s and 2019's Earth, through a skit.

The Head Learner of the school Ms Nita Arora demonstrated some breathing exercises to fight the ill effects of polluted air.

    SVIS family celebrated Gurpurab and Children's Day with great enthusiasm and fervour. The celebration started with a prayer. The students of Class II Raspberries and Blueberries enlightened the audience with the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji which was followed by holy Prabhat pheri. The students invoked the blessings of Guru Nanak Dev ji through their soulful shabad ' Jo Mange Thakur Apne'. The corridors of SVIS were filled with energy when the students showcased their energetic bhangra and giddha. The day didn't end with this as we also celebrated 190th birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru with zeal and gaiety keeping in mind his words , "I may not have time for adults but I have enough time for children". The teachers took a pledge to provide joyful learning to their students. The teachers of Grade II shook a leg to make the day unforgettable for the students. The students were in awe to see their mother like teachers dancing on the peppy songs. The Head Learner of the school, Mrs Nita Arora, appreciated the efforts of the students and the teachers. She also shared fond memories of her childhood and motivated the students to seek more opportunities of learning. It was a fun-filled day for the students which would always be cherished as a fond memory.

      Role plays and enactments are an integral part of our learning journey. To stimulate their creativity and confidence ‘Ad Mad Show ‘ was conducted for the Pre -Primary children today. They participated enthusiastically and enacted various advertisements. It was a fun filled day as the little ones enacted and enjoyed their own performance and the performances of their peers as well.

        Subject: Social Science
        Class: 6D
        Topic: India- Physical features.
        Activity: Map activity- learning to mark and locate physical features of India and presenting in a creative manner.
        Teacher: Garima Srivastava

          Subject- Social Science
          Class-6 A,B,C
          Topic- Local self govt. in rural and urban areas
          Activity- Elections of Subject monitors
          Teacher name- Shilpy Rattan

          Giving an insight into the largest festival of the country-ELECTIONS, an activity based on the same was conducted where the students of class-6 contested for the elections of the subject monitors. They campaigned for 2 days and even presented their manifesto. Voting was conducted in the class by the traditional method, 2 students also acted as the officers who will count the votes and after that the names of the elected monitors were declared. Students were quite excited about the activity and they participated in it with great enthusiasm.

            Colours always fascinate us.It enlivens our environment and is an integral part of our lives.Purple Colour Day was celebrated in Pre-School to make the little kids aware about the colours and how they add beauty around us.Children looked charismatic as they came dressed up in their purple attire. Children brought their favourite purple colour objects and loved to talk about it with their friends and teachers.The little ones enjoyed the day and simultaneously understood the aesthetic sense of the colour.
              Someone has quite rightly said, 'Reading give wings to our imagination. ' We at S.V.I.S. promote love for reading books and to showcase the same, learners of class V talked about their favourite book in the class. They presented the main characters, summary and the message given through the story. It was a delight to see our learners actively participating and we look forward to many more such reading activities.
                On the occasion of ‘Gurupurab’ the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Pre-School and Pre -Primary children visited Gurudwara to pay homage and respect to the Sikh Guru. Children sat down and enjoyed the holy chanting that were being recited. Langar prasad was also served to children before they left for the school.
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