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STEM/ STEAM - AI enthusiasts from Middle Wing braved the cold and overcame vacation induced inertia to attend an interactive panel discussion on integration of Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Education at IIT Delhi today.
Gurnika - 8C
Angad Singh Mago - 8D
Bhavya Bharti Vats - 8E
Shaurya Tyagi - 8E
Samvit Shandilya - 8E along with Ms Aprajita represented Sri VIS at the Intellify, Education Conclave 2019 at IIT Delhi.

    Cybersafety Sessions @ Sri VIS

    “If you think technology can solve all your security problems, then you don’t understand the problem and you don’t understand technology.”
    - Bruce Schneier

    On Friday, 27 December 2019, Sri Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka, organized a series of enlightening and interactive workshops on cyber security in three sessions. The morning session was solely for students of classes IX-XI followed by the afternoon sessions for classes VII - IX students, parents and SVIS staff.

    The experts were Cyber Safety Guru Mr Rakshit Tandon and Mr Atul Khosla, Pro VC of Shoolini University, Solan, HP.

    Mr Rakshit Tandon, the Cyber Security evangelist has an experience of more than a decade in security domain and is the Member Advisory to National Cyber Safety and Security Standards. With a number of accolades to his credit, Mr Tandon is increasingly becoming popular with the children with his keenness to educate them on cyber security.

    In a very interesting session with the Venkateshwarites, he stressed upon the measures to be adopted while using the internet. Various myths about anonymity of users were broken. Gullibility of users was exposed. Essential safety measures to be adopted while working on the internet were highlighted. He shared his experiences and briefed the participants about the trend of crimes he had observed and analysed during the cases he had investigated. He explained various terms such as Data Tampering, Spoofing, Phishing, Hacking, UPI and VOIP. Through presentation and case studies, he discussed the heinous crimes related to Cyberspace.

    Mr Tandon also discussed various issues such as Identity Theft, Cyber Terrorism, Stalking, Cyber Bullying, Online Banking Frauds and Pornography. He advised everyone to use Two Step Security, keep correct settings on the web as well as applications and a safe usage of Debit and Credit Cards. Mr. Tandon not only guided the audience on how to be secure while being online but also talked about the penalty and punishment one has to bear for committing Cyber Crimes under the Indian Cyber Law.

    It is a well-known fact that prevention is always better than cure. The sessions ended in more awareness about cyber crime and enhanced understanding of the need to exercise caution while using AI and technology.

      We believe in constant learning, and relearning

      STEAM Education at Sri VIS

      Workshop on ABC of Artificial Intelligence attended by our AI Faculty, Mr Gitesh, PGT Physics and Ms Anubha Sing, Computer teacher on 25- 26 December, 2019 at PCTI, Pitampura

      The two days session by Mr Vipin Ahuja on AI was quite informative and interactive. They learnt the following from the session :

      1. Basics of Artificial Intelligence
      2. History of AI
      3. Applications of AI
      4. Dimensions of AI
      5. Brief Introduction to programming languages
      LISP and PROLOG.

      They will attend another training session from Dec 28-30. Renewed learning is the requisite to great teaching.

        Sri VIS rejoices and celebrates the First Rank obtained by Economics HOD Mr Vijay Arora in the Ecovissionaire Contest 2019

        Heartiest Congratulations Mr Vijay Arora

        Wishing him and our students more success!

          National Mathematics Day is celebrated to commemorate the birth of math genius Srninivasa Ramanujan.

          President of Ramanujan Foundation, Prof. Dinesh Singh arrived and delivered a keynote address to Senior Wing students, mathematics faculty of school, visiting teachers and parents.

          He won hearts and touched the soul of students and faculty.

          Suddenly, we found that mathematics was gradually found to be the most amazing subject.

          His discourse bordered on illuminating the community about the role of Indian mathematicians who much before Christ gave us the Pythagorean theorem and other theorems.

          Sea route was found using calculus. Indian sailors had travelled to Africa much before Vasco De Gama

            Fit India Movement will be successful only if mentors join the young ones

            Sri VIS held Students' Marathon on December 20 and Staff Marathon on Dec 21, followed by Cricket matches.

            Staff Marathon results

            Above 40 yrs ( Ladies)

            1. Ms Pavneet Kaur
            2. Ms Ushma Kapoor
            3. Ms Sandhya Sharma
            4. Ms Savita Saini
            5. Ms. Leena

            Under 40 yrs ( Ladies)

            1. Ms Kiran Yadav
            2. Ms Tripta Sharma
            3. Ms Sanjam
            4. Ms Ritu Sharma
            5. Ms. Rashmi


            1. Mr Sandeep
            2. Mr Sarabjeet Singh
            3. Mr Shiv Misra
            4. Mr Sudhir Sain
            5. Mr Abhishek Sharma

              School Principal was one of the Panelists on 4 Cs in Education at the Eldrok India K -12 Summit and was honoured, not only as a speaker but for leading the school, that has the most comprehensive evaluation techniques in the education programme

                Sri VIS awarded in K -12 School segment for Excellence in Comprehensive Evaluation Techniques in Education Programme at Leela Ambience, Gurugram

                  Dwarka Torchbearers' Award Function of Dwarka City

                  Mrs Vineeta Bagga Senior Coordinator was honoured with the Best Teacher of the Dwarka.

                  This was the fourth time of her being nominated for the Final 5 out of many teachers, Heads and Vice Principals.

                  She deserves the award for her dedication and sincerity to her students and profession.

                  K S Vaishnavi of XII was also the finalist in the Best Student - Academics Category.

                  School Co Learner ( Principal) Ms Nita Arora inaugurated the new Play School ' Bugs and Butterflies' Sector 8, Dwraka of Mrs Sudha Sinha by releasing the brochure along with Dr Namita, Principal of the Queen's Valley School.

                  She also delivered the keynote address on schooling in early years by dwelling on Social, Emotional, Physical, Psychomotor, Aesthetic and Cognitive Developmental needs of young learners that a school tries to meet.

                    Sri VIS, sector 18, Dwarka, celebrated the indomitable achievements of its young prodigies from Class X ( present class XI) and the graduated batch of Class XII from the year 2018-19 on 14 December 2019, in two slots. The programme commenced with the rendition of musical symphony, ‘Vaishanav jan to tene kahiye’ by the school Orchestra, ‘Sri Octave’ to reminisce the glories of Gandhi, the latter being the theme of the programme. It was followed by sharing of the glorious feats of the school in the year 2019-20. The occasion was graced by the presence of Mr. KPS Malhotra, Dy. Director Narcotics Control Bureau, in the first slot and Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Principal, Directorate of Education in the second slot. The guests were welcomed with a floral accord, a school memento and a stole each by the school’s Chairman, Mr. Sailander Solanki and our Co- Learner, Ms. Nita Arora. Mr. KPS Malhotra shared his sagacious advice with the children and complimented the school for providing a conducive environment to its children and taking strides in the right direction for holistic development. Mr. Rakesh Kumar too was thrilled at the exposure, children are getting these days and extended his warm regards for the excellent work it is doing for the children’s growth and society, at large.
                    This was followed by an enthralling invocation dance on Shiva, the super deity by the school students and a welcome speech by the school principal. The highest honour among the students’ award is through the Chairman’s Award for Overall Excellence and the Principal’s Award for Leadership. While the former award was shared by class XII Science prodigy, Harshul Gupta and Humanities stalwart, Mayank Bhardwaj, the school Head Boy, the latter was conferred upon Pranjal Singla, the school’s Head Girl. The school toppers of class XII from the Science, commerce and humanities stream namely Om Pathak, Sanyam Gupta and KS Vaishnavi were felicitated with a cash prize of Rs. 5100, certificates, trophies and books. Individual subject toppers were awarded thereafter.
                    This segment was followed by the felicitation of Class X toppers. Vaibhav Choudhary bagged the overall School topper award with a cash prize of 5100, certificate, trophy and book. Other meritorious achievers were Hardik Talwar, Ananya Gupta and Pranjal Diler. They were awarded with a cash prize of Rs 5100, certificates, trophies and books for being the toppers of class X. Academic excellence awards were distributed to all worthy scholars who had made it big in the CBSE Class X results in individual subjects. Since the school had added feathers to its cap by bagging innumerable trophies and positions at the national and international level, achievers in sports were given their due recognition during the ceremony. A plethora of awards in various categories were kept in reserve for mentors too whose unfailing support in students’ success was recognized during the programme. The last leg of the programme was the play ‘Gandhi’ which through its experiential shifts and realistic depiction of the Mahatma’s life enlivened the mood of the programme. The Gandhian philosophy was well propagated through the play.
                    Anuj Manchanda, The Senior Headmaster proposed the Vote of Thanks to the gathering. The programme reached its final glory with the rendition of the National Anthem. Our school takes immense pride in outgrowing itself out of its mould by making an unprecedented mark in all domains of education.

                      The Fashion Studies Department goes on a 'Heritage Trail in villages of Rajasthan', in association with the ITM Institute of Design and Media, Mumbai.

                      Ms Ushma Bathla Kapoor underwent training along with the other Fashion Studies facilitators across India at Jaipur, Sanganer and Bagru. She brought back a treasure of hands-on learning at pottery, making of handcrafted paper, dyeing & printing of dabu, sanganeri and bagru prints.

                      Constant learning is certainly the key in an evolving workplace!

                        It is not everyday that 'Pickbrain' Giri Balasubramaniam comes to your school and shares his thoughts and conducts a Question Answer session with young prodigies of grade 5-11, parents, visiting teachers and school faculty.
                        Dec 10, 2019 was one such day and we are absolutely in awe of the best Quizmaster of India.

                        Very humble and a brilliant motivational speaker. And we thought he is a Quizmaster.

                        "Your students are one of the best", he said.

                        And the students answered his questions so well that even we were left awe struck.

                        The questions raised were, like, how can we maintain focus? When will Giri's biography be published in GAP books? How can we make the right choices? How do we trust the choices we make? How do we create opportunities? How can I choose between two hobbies that I just love?

                        GAP Series of books are being liked a lot by students and staff. Mr Giri left saying, "I will be back."

                          Recognition by Chief Justice High Court to our artists

                          We are very proud of Ashika Ranjan of Class 7 who secured First Prize in the Art Competition organised by the Family Courts Committee of Delhi High Court during the Celebration of Success of Family Courts Mediation Week from Dec 2-7, 2019.

                          Topic was FAMILY: CANVAS OF LOVE

                          Hon'ble Justice Supreme Court Ms Indira Bannerjee, Hon' ble Chief Justice, Delhi High Court Mr D N Patel and Hon'ble Justice Delhi High Court Ms Hima Kohli were full of praise for the 17 awardees from Delhi, that were shortlisted from 500 entries by artists of Lalit Kala Academy.

                          School Principal Ms Nita Arora and Mrs and Mr Rajiv Ranjan, proud parents of Ashika Ranjan also attended the award ceremony at Delhi High Courts today.

                          Other awardees are Twisha Bansal, Shaina Bhatia and Avni Kataria of Middle Wing

                          Their certificates and awards will be sent by the Organising Committee of the High Court later

                          Congratulations dear students, parents and Art mentors Ms Shikha, Ms Soniya and Ms Inderpreet at school.

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                            "Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going away. ~ Elvis Presley "